Adoption Update

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We are nearly through with paperwork. Just a few more items and we’re done. For now. Apparently, you never really are done with it, but the major bulk of it is about to be out the door. Whew! It’s unbelievable how much there is to do. Totally worth it, but crazy amounts of paperwork.

Thankfully, once we’re done with the paperwork and get the results of our homestudy back we’ll be able to start the grant request process as well. We’re blessed in that we’ve already received some help from one group and we’re hoping to get more from others. Most of them want the homestudy to be complete before they will consider anything, though, so we’ll have to get that back first.

So, it’s hurry up and wait from here on out. Hopefully it won’t take a year or more to get our son. We’ll see.