BrownTown Christmas 2010

BrownTown Christmas 2010BrownTown Christmas 2010 was absolutely one of our best.  The kids had a great day and it was actually somewhat relaxing.  No big crazy meal or difficult plan.  Just having a great time together.

Waffle HouseChristmas Eve was a bit of another story.  We had four services at Watermark (2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 11pm) so I was really busy all day that day and couldn’t really contribute too much.  We did manage to grab dinner at the Waffle House, one of the kids’ favorites, and then to see some amazing Christmas lights in the Deerfield area of Plano.  It was maybe a little WT, but fun nonetheless.

After that the kids were zonked.  We put a pallet down on the floor in the living room and let them all crash out in there, thus kicking off BrownTown Christmas Eve Sleepover 2010.  After I got home from the final service, I threw down a couple of mattresses and we all slept in the living room together.  Really fun.  I think we’ll do that every year. We all woke up together and were able to really enjoy the morning hanging out around the tree, eating breakfast and kicking off our day.

Baby JesusDesi had a great idea this year that I’m sure will be part of the BrownTown Christmas from here on out.  She had me bring home some straw which we then stuck into one of Abbie’s baby cradles, serving as our manger.  Then Desi wrapped up a baby doll – our Baby Jesus – and the kids opened that package first and then put Jesus in the manger.  It gave us a great way to talk about the most important part of Christmas first and then enjoy all the gift giving and all that.  Great times.  Way to go Mama B!

Christmas Miracle

Our day wasn’t perfect. Brothers will be brothers after all, but a couple of little squabbles didn’t ruin our morning.

Christmas night we went over and had a great meal with our friends the Hernandez’. (I forgot to take my camera in, so no pics). They made a fantastic Christmas dinner and our kids all played together really well. The XBOX Kinect didn’t hurt things either. Really fun.

All in all, BrownTown Christmas Day 2010 was a big success. We remembered Jesus and enjoyed family and friends – three key elements in any excellent Christmas Day.

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