Dancing Fools

I can’t even remember how this tradition got started in BrownTown but we like to make our kids dance. We’ll make them dance for just about anything. Some days they might have to dance for ice cream and other days they may have to dance to get to watch a show on tv. Sometimes when we are really wild and out of control everyone in the family will come up with their very own dance. I’m sure some dance lessons would serve us well in the future. In case you are wondering, there IS lots of singing that usually accompanies these silly little dance numbers.

We’re In BrownTown and We’re Singing!

This picture really has nothing to do with this post but it was on my phone, and Les looks pretty silly sporting his Captain Weather Man costume so thought it was appropriate for a Silly Saturday post. The silly fun fact for the week about BrownTown is that we sing A LOT! I’m not talking about songs like Twinkle Twinkle either. We make up our own silly songs and sing about everything under the sun. There is singing that goes on all day and all night. In fact, when the singing becomes scarce it’s a red flag that our week has been way too serious. Recently we’ve started singing to God as a way to start our day and it’s been a huge hit. I love hearing my Brownies’ sweet little voices sing to God about what they are thankful for. Heck I love hearing their sweet voices sing about going to the library, petting the dog or going potty. If you ever see us out in the wild and one of us happens to bust out a ballad about walking to the car or some other random thing now you know it’s an everyday occurrence in BrownTown. Try it sometime, you’d be amazed at how a simple little song can make the heart joyful. What are some things that make you want to sing?

Silly Saturdays: Musical Pipes

Les and I thought that we would add a frequent post called Silly Saturdays. BrownTown is pretty silly and we thought we would give everyone a small glimpse into the spontaneous silliness that can happen around here.

For our first post I’d like to introduce to everybody our musical pipes. Living with three little boys and one grown man this post has the potential to go south fast but I will try hard to refrain from doing so.

Some of our close friends, the Kreusch Family, told us of a fun and cheap toy they had made for their son Jack. We are all about fun and cheap so we jumped on it! We bought PVC pipe and several different types of connectors. Les cut the pipe into various different lengths and viola we had ourselves a giant homemade version of tinker toys. Our kids have spent hour after hour building and creating with these pipes. They come out almost everyday.

Right now you may be wondering what’s so silly about building with pipes. Well my friends, these pipes have not only been turned into swords and shields and most recently due to Snowpocalyse 2011, skis, they have also been turned into musical instruments. Tonight Les has been working on making different trumpet noises to call our children to bed and to dinner. It’s almost certain that if the pipes come out, sooner or later musical mayhem will ensue. This video was taken a little over a year ago but is a common occurrence in BrownTown. The little one has even taken to playing his own version of the pipe. We hope you all enjoy and don’t blame you if you head over to Home Depot as soon as you’re done watching.