Quiver Full

I stumbled across a friend’s blog today. She had a guest poster asking the question, “Are Children a Blessing from God?.” As this comes up with us quite a bit and we have some fairly definite views on the subject, I added this comment to the mix:

There’s no question. Desi, my wife, and I have been so incredibly blessed by our kids and are so thankful that God substituted his plan for our own. We have four and one on the way. Often we are jokingly asked if we know how this happens or how to prevent it. I get the humor, but immediately think, “Why would I want to prevent God’s blessing on my life?” Selfish being that I am, I want any blessing God will give me. I think most folks do. In fact, I find it strange that people will ask God to bless them in so many other ways – good health, finances, relationships, etc., but in this one area, they will attempt to actively prevent God’s blessing from occurring. Personally, I don’t want to do anything to block God’s blessing from any part of my life, or my marriage. If he’ll bless us with more kids, bring them on. I’ll take a quiver full.

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