Our adoption journey has been just that, a journey. When we started this process in 2008 there was no doubt in my mind that we were supposed to adopt a son from Ethiopia. How did I know? I saw him in a dream. It was like no other dream I’ve had before and I’ve only had one other like it since. The other dream was about getting pregnant and having to delay our adoption. The second has come to pass and Les and I look forward to my first dream being fullfilled too.

I’ve gotten lost since the being of our journey though. The clarity of the dream I had began to fade. Was the boy I dreamed about really Ethiopian or did he just have a dark complexion? After hearing other families stories of fostering to adopt or bi-racial domestic adoption the water began to get muddy. After discovering our I-600A had expired it got even more confusing. We knew we were supposed to adopt but it began to get confusing on what path we were supposed to take. Honestly, I want to do it all. Les in his wisdom prayed that if we were supposed to adopt from Ethiopia that the money for the I-600A would show up. This was to be our neon sign from God so to speak.

This weekend our neon sign showed up. Our sweet friends the Kreusch Family offered to host a garage sale for us with the proceeds going towards our adoption. The weather played tricks but the garage sale happened this weekend after all. The money raised today is the exact amount we need for our I-600A. It’s confirmation to us that our son is indeed from Africa. We still need to raise $1500 to just get back in the game but we are confident God will provide every step of the way.

Thank you to all our friends who helped out To make this weekend possible, especially the Kreusch Family! If you want to join Team Brown on our journey there’s a few ways you can help:

  • Pray for us. Pray specifically that God would continue to prepare our hearts, especially our childrens hearts for the addition of our son. Pray for our son in Ethiopia and his Ethiopian family. Pray that God would continue to change hearts to love, defend and protect widows and orphans.

  • Gather up the stuff laying around your house and donate it at our next garage sale Saturday June 12th.

  • Help us set up, tear down or work at our garage sale on June 12th or come buy some stuff at the sale.

  • Let us know your creative fundraising ideas! Adoption is not cheap and we have a lot of money to raise. God is so much bigger than the cost of our adoption and we are confident that He will provide every thing we need!