Ethiopian Adoption Cuts are Official

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The US State Dept posted a notice today stating that Ethiopian Adoption Cuts are real. Apparently, they will now only process five adoptions per day as opposed to the 40 to 50 they had been doing. This is obviously a major blow to the children awaiting homes as well as the families waiting for children.  While we are thankful that the Ethiopian government is working to ensure that all adoptions are legal and above board, we are hoping and praying that this limitation will not be permanent.
There are two things you can do to help:

First, you can pray that the government there, specifically MOWA (Ministry of Women’s Affairs) will find another way to make sure that all the adoptions are done legally and correctly with the children’s best interests in mind, and that they will go back to processing 50 adoptions or more per day.

Second, you can sign the petition found here:

Ethiopian Adoption Emergency – Petition to Ethiopian Prime Minister

Please take a few moments to do both these things right now.