International Adoption Tip: Use a Dossier Service

Okay. This is just a short tip, but a good one. If you’re working on an international adoption and you have the option of using a dossier service, do it. That process can be a real nightmare and it helps to have someone who’s experienced it helping you pull everything together. We’ve been blessed to work with KBS Dossiers and been thrilled with the results. Kate Sawyer held our hand and cajoled us when necessary to get all the right documents with all the right signatures to all the right places at all the right times and did it with amazing alacrity. I still can’t believe how easy she made all of that seem.

Like anything else in life there are pluses and minuses to working with a dossier service. They do streamline the paperwork process quite a bit, but they also charge you a pretty decent amount of money to do it. Not thousands, but definitely in the hundreds. For us, when we were trying to decide we looked at the time it would take us to get all of our paperwork authenticated correctly and it made total sense to pay someone else to do it. We’re not super-organized and we don’t do paperwork all that well. We also had our doubts on whether or not we could figure out all the ins and outs of all the governmental agencies involved and get the right paper to the right people. It just seemed overly daunting. So, even though we’re having to watch every nickel and dime throughout this process, it made sense to pay someone else to do it. Having gone through it, I’m so glad we did.

Maybe you’re one of those uber-organized DIY types and feel up to the challenge of cutting through miles of red tape. If so, go for it. If not, hire someone like Kate. You’ll be so glad you did.

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