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Just wanted to remind you all that we’ll be having our Yard Sale this Friday and Saturday. We’re hoping that the money we raise will get us enough money to get all the initial deposits and payments for our adoption so we can get rolling with it and get a referral as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for all the donations both in terms of raffle tickets and items for the yard sale. The response has been incredible and we’re extremely thankful.

Now there’s just one more thing we need for this Yard Sale – Help! We’ve got so much stuff for the sale that we’re gonna need help tomorrow night to get it all put out and priced for the sale. Plus we’ve still got a lot to go and pick up. So, I’m going to be renting a big truck and making a few pickups in Lake Highlands tomorrow at lunch time, plus some other pick ups after work. If anyone wants to roll with me, that would be great.

In addition we need some help getting everything prepped in our yard. We’ve got people bringing over tables and stuff, but we need folks to set stuff out and price it. You don’t have to be an expert or anything. We just need a couple of hours help tomorrow night from a few folks.

If you can come, we’ll feed you pizza and cold drinks or something like that. And Teresa Graybill may be dropping off some cupcakes as well. I think you all know how incredible her baked goods are. So come on over.

For those of you who entered the raffle, we’ll have the drawing on Saturday at 12pm.

Thanks again for the help. We’ve been blown away by all that you’ve done to help us in this.



PS Let me know if you can come over tomorrow so we’ll know how much food to get.

PSS You have to check out the fundraiser Steve Vanderheide has planned, Mullets for Mankind. You can check it out here:

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