Note To Self: It All Comes Back To Love

Yesterday was one of those classic days that I’m sure most people envision as they see me rolling up with four small children. One mom at The Walmart with four children, two of which are having massive meltdowns. Why I continue to step foot into Walmart ceases to amaze me. I don’t particularly like that store even without a screamer or two.

Yesterday was a trip to The Walmart that I probably won’t ever forget. Paul, our passionate child, had probably one of the biggest fits I’ve ever seen in my life. (By the way, toy makers, you and your Buzz toys are my nemesis.) As Paul’s mega fit unfolded I went through several different shifts in mood myself. My first stop was irritation. AKA my Dude Come On, Suck It Up mood.

Luke was done with his brother upstaging him so he decided to test out his windpipes too. I then entered stage two. You know the stage Moms. The “this looks poorly on me” stage. For me personally it’s the stage where I’m confident that my children are proving to everyone that anyone with four small children should be committed immediately.

Paul’s fit began to escalate and God began to soften my irritated heart that was concerned about the approval of others. Don’t get me wrong I still wasn’t happy about all the fit throwing and caterwalling but I no longer cared about others or trying to control my children. I was given eyes for my children in that moment and it all came back to love.

Abbie had caught on to this long before I did. During Paul’s mega fit she tried to comfort him and encourage him. Paul eventually calmed down (weird that happened when I did) and Abbie even tried to convince me that Paul deserved some of HER icecream. Abbie gets it. She doesn’t remember all the time but she gets it all comes back to love.

It’s not about how I feel or what others think about me. It’s not about being perfect or having the family people say we should or shouldn’t have. It’s not about all the other crazy or silly things that are a constant distraction. It all comes back to love and when we center our lives around that we always hit a homerun. I hope this is the one thing I can teach my children. God’s using them to teach me this everyday.