The Truth About Four

For all of you wondering what it’s like with four kids under the age of five, it’s challenging. For some reason the adjustment to the odd number of children has been easier than the even numbers. It might be because we are a little bit odd but either way odds are easy. I think the hardest part hands down is the sleep deprivation. God commands us to observe a Sabbath for a reason. Right now I am learning what it means to find rest despite little sleep.

Our house is not as clean as I’d like it to be, the dirty laundry is stacked up, the clean laundry pile is not always, okay it’s never, put away and the to do list is growing by the minute. However, our joy has also increased. There is one more blessing of a child to sharpen me and to help teach me to die to self. There is one more hug and kiss I get to give. One more smile I get to see. One more set of hands to hold. One more child I get to teach about Jesus and about a million more blessings.

I’m not sure if the adjustment to four has to do with the number of children as much as it has to do with the age. Right now we are still training Abbie and Paul how to be apart of Team Brown and contribute. They are not quite old enough yet to really tackle a variety of chores. However, I can see something beautiful on the horizon. I understand why people with large families actually think it’s easier than having a small family. Les and I are already beginning to see Abbie and Paul step up and take an active role in helping their younger brothers. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I’m pretty confident in a year things will really start falling into place. Luke already does a better job helping to clean up toys than Abbie and Paul did; well, when I can get his attention from destroying something to help. Luke isn’t doing a better job because he’s better at picking up, it’s because he’s watching his older brother and sister.

So the truth about four is that we are most definately sleep deprived. Our house on an average day is not the cleanest and most definately not anywhere near perfect. Most days can be described as controlled chaos. Some days underware may even end up on the wrong end BUT our home is full of love and it’s amazing to be Abbie, Paul, Luke and Joshua’s parents. We are blessed beyond measure and we look forward to growing the population of Brown Town.