Tough Week

Last week was a little rough around BrownTown.  I was down and out with a cold that turned into pneumonia.  Drag.  I started feeling bad at work on Monday and before I left for home, I already knew I was coming down with a fairly strong cold. After staying home on Tuesday and Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling any better and was even having some trouble getting a breath of air.  Desi decided the “no breathing” thing was enough for her and suggested I might want to get a professional opinion on that.   She’s smart.

When I got to the Doc in a Box, my pulse oximeter reading (the indication of how much oxygen was in my bloodstream) was 88.  That’s about the level that climbers have toward the top of Mount Everest.  Not good.  After trying what seemed like every pulse oximeter device in the building, the good folks there decided I might be having some trouble breathing.  So, they took a picture of my lungs and sure enough, what started as a simple cold had become pneumonia.

One breathing treatment and two massive injections later I was right as rain with a pulse ox of 98 – marathon runner material.  They gave me a couple of prescriptions and when I came back the next day passed along a little puffer device to help me breathe a little better.

Four days later, I’m way better, but still a little breathless at times. Desi did a simply incredible job of keeping all the kids occupied so I could rest while I was sick.  That made all the difference in the world. She’s an amazing woman, as you all well know.

So far this week is looking to be a lot smoother if nothing else.  We’re looking forward to it.

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Les Brown

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