BrownTown saddled up last week and headed out for six beautiful days at Cedar Creek Lake thanks to some sweet friends who let us stay at their house out there. This was our third time out there in a little over a year and it’s only gotten better every time. We’ve figured out some fun things to do in the area and managed to have an enjoyable and restful vacation – just what we all needed.
Coming back home was tough. Desi and I realized that we’ve filled up our lives with busy-ness. Most of it is really good stuff, but I’m not sure all of it is really necessary. I’m not sure what to cut but I know there are some things that will have to go. Much to consider. I definitely want to live a simpler existence.

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My name is Les Brown - not The Les Brown - just Les Brown. I'm married to the lovely and adorable SuperWife, Desi Brown. Together we're blessed with six IncrediKids - Abbie, Paul, Luke, Joshua, Bella, and Lilly, and we're hoping for more. All things considered, I live a fairly normal life - I work, lead my family, spend time with friends, and try to figure out how to do all of this in the way God intends. Not always easy. I started this blog out of a desire to create community with other Big Family Dads. There's definitely a bunch of us out there and though I don't have all the answers, I do understand a lot of the questions. I'm hoping to be an encouragement and to provide some great tools and resources for other dads.