These pictures aren’t going to win a prize for great photography but that was never the point of them. They reflex one of the many qualities I love and adore about Les Brown. My husband is adventurous and his childlike wonder fans the flame of love. Love for this wonderful and amazing gift of a man and love for a God who creates wonderful things like snow for us to enjoy. There is a side of Les that goes against the grain of the everyday doldrums. He has the ability to see things through the lens of dangerous wonder. The kind of wonder that as adults we often take for granted and completely miss. Life is a gift to enjoy and embrace, not just something to slug it out. Watching Les take full advantage of these small wonders helps create a heart in me that wants to embrace every moment with this same dangerous wonder. I might not be as old as my husband :), but he’s the one keeping me young and this is one of the many reasons why I’m wild about Les! What is one of the qualities of your spouse that makes you wild about them?