With Increased Joy Comes Sadness

As our checklists begin to dwindle and our excitement to bring home our baby grows, my sadness increases. I can’t help but lay awake at night and think about our baby’s birth parents. While adoption is a beautiful thing I am sad that there is such a need in Africa. I wish moms and dads weren’t literally starving to death and unable to feed their children. I wish parents in Africa weren’t dying from HIV/AIDS and other diseases in such outrageous numbers. I wish I could look my child in the eyes someday and tell him that his Mother had made a brave choice and chose life eventhough she was unable to take care of him. I’m not sure what the circumstances might be that allow our paths to cross with our son but I’m most certain they will probably be grim. I’m praying desperately that whatever the reason that causes our child to become an orphan, that his parents come to know Jesus. That one day we will meet in heaven and our son’s biological parents can rejoice with us in the man that God created him to be. Together we can stand amazed by our Maker in a place where there are no such things as starvation and disease. A place where there is no more anguish, pain, and weeping.