Yard Sale this Weekend

Hey folks. Everything is looking good to hold the yard sale this weekend. The weather looks great and we’re getting ready to go. If you have something you’d like to contribute to the sale, we are definitely still accepting donations. However, we’re just about out of room at home. So, if you could deliver it either Thursday night or Friday morning, that would be awesome. We’re also looking for folding tables to put things on for the sale as well as a few brave souls who will help us lay things out and price them Thursday night. We’ll get pizza and drinks and make it as festive as possible.

You can also still contribute to the cause through the Paypal button below. Thanks to everyone who’s jumped on board to help us bring our next baby home.

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Les Brown

My name is Les Brown - not The Les Brown - just Les Brown. I'm married to the lovely and adorable SuperWife, Desi Brown. Together we're blessed with six IncrediKids - Abbie, Paul, Luke, Joshua, Bella, and Lilly, and we're hoping for more. All things considered, I live a fairly normal life - I work, lead my family, spend time with friends, and try to figure out how to do all of this in the way God intends. Not always easy. I started this blog out of a desire to create community with other Big Family Dads. There's definitely a bunch of us out there and though I don't have all the answers, I do understand a lot of the questions. I'm hoping to be an encouragement and to provide some great tools and resources for other dads.